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Our portfolio showcases a carefully selected range of DVC's current investments that span various industries and asset classes. From promising start-ups and emerging technologies to established companies and real estate ventures, our investments are data-driven through exhaustive market analysis, extensive due diligence, and a keen eye for innovation. DVC strives to deliver long-term value and generate substantial returns - leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships to navigate an ever-changing and dynamic investment landscape.

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Titan buy, scale and work to exit third-party Amazon sellers’ brands using their integrator vehicle, providing access to Titan’s resources and expertise. With a pipeline of 881 culturally integrated businesses, Titan is positioned to almost triple the cumulative acquired revenue to date.

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Pulses is an Artificial Intelligence platform that provides multiple business-critical dashboards. With deep analytics via an Intelligent Reporting Service, Pulses dashboards offer decision-makers accurate summaries for all customer experiences and vitally, the performances of business infrastructures.

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Gener8 is a UK-based tech company that offers a web browser extension rewarding users with tokens for their online activity. With 1.5 million downloads already, Gener8 makes users data work for them – they choose what information they share and with whom.

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Xnumia is a ground-breaking Foreign Exchange (FX) trading fund that combines state-of-the-art technology with astute market analysis to deliver exceptional results for its investors.By employing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyse, manage risk and execute trades with precision and speed, the company has a commanding track record among seasoned investors.

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Hanehouse is a U.K. based property investment company and developer delivering commercial and residential development schemes, working collaboratively with capital partners, institutional investors, and key stakeholders. It offers high-quality and affordable housing solutions to its clients providing comfortable and safe living spaces while generating attractive returns for investors.

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Nu Projects offers a comprehensive turnkey interior design and build service, specialising in high-end projects including multi-unit developments, extensions and renovations. Working in tandem with property investors, Nu Projects highly proficient in-house teams complement master craftsmen, blending quality and style with practicality and sustainability.

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Islamic Coin is a pioneering financial technology company specialising in Sharia-compliant digital assets. It merges Islamic principles with blockchain technology, providing a secure platform for Muslims worldwide to engage with halal crypto-currencies, whilst safely upholding their religious beliefs.

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Global Airlines is a prominent international airline company, operating flights worldwide. It is headed by James Asquith, a renowned entrepreneur and travel expert. His expertise and leadership contribute to Global Airlines' success, ensuring reliable and efficient operations whilst delivering exceptional travel experiences to passengers worldwide.

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Hot Desk provides instant access to flexible workspaces for freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses. They offer desk and office spaces on a short- or long-term basis as well as virtual office services, meeting rooms and event venues. Hot Desk is situated across multiple locations in different cities, all of which are readily accessible to members wherever they are based.

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WITT Forever is an innovative company that offers a unique approach to personalised health and wellness by addressing customers’ non-clinical, logistical and financial challenges.They offer bespoke plans, cutting-edge products, and sustainable practices to help individuals achieve optimal well-being through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

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TPSS Fund is a proprietary Sports trading fund that is fully transparent and 100% daily liquid, offering exposure to an asset class uncorrelated to all other investments. With a proven track record of over 10 years, TPSS gives investors access to the greatest and most successful data-driven sports models on a global stage.

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River Creek project in Beacon, New York is an ambitious urban development initiative that aims to transform the River Creek area into a vibrant and sustainable community. It encompasses a range of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces providing inhabitants and visitors alike with an environment that promotes healthy and active lifestyles.

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P2Earn is an innovative and forward-thinking online platform in the world of decentralised finance and blockchain technology. It has quickly established itself in the emerging peer-to-peer lending and borrowing market, eliminating the need for intermediaries and associated fees.

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ingame has launched the first Sharia-compliant sports app in the MENA region (Egypt), focusing on the football community. Islamic users are permitted to predict match-day results for financial gain as the product is considered a ‘game of skill’ under Sharia licensing requirements. The app, containing a Web3 component, is ultra-revolutionary and will expand exponentially throughout Gulf countries within 18 months.

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Holiday Swap is a travel platform that allows members to book, host or swap homes,anywhere on the planet, in only a few clicks. Combining affordable destination experienceswith strong brand recognition, Holiday Swap’s popularity is set to disrupt the rejuvenated and fast-growing travel industry.

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Limited Space is a retail and lifestyle media marketing company which connects brands with aspirational and engaged consumers. They combine cutting-edge advertising opportunities in high footfall locations with advanced technology to maximise brand exposure and create unforgettable experiences for their target audience.

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Ampd is a technology that provides intelligently guided paths to instantly launch custom Google Ads to Amazon campaigns. Its patented technology uncovers exactly which Google keywords steered both “add to carts” and “conversions/sales” on Amazon, all within a few clicks, making Ampd the most powerful Google Ads to Amazon solution on the planet.

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King's Gold not only plans to address the 20-year-lack of bullion bar production in London by constructing a gold refinery, but will also design a state-of-the-art safe deposit facility ofunrivalled quality and grade with an unprecedented level of security not currently available in the U.K. 

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Urban Life, a family-owned business spanning three generations in property development, has assets valued at $50 million. As leaders in design, architecture, hospitality, customer service, technological innovation and medical care, Urban Life aims to become a prominent Retirement Village operator catering exclusively to affluent and influential Baby Boomers.

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Vault Hill has designed the first AI-driven human-centric metaverse transforming how people engage with extended reality, augmented reality and 3D (XR). Connecting with 7 basic human instincts, the company provides XR experiences for brands to freely express themselves, allowing them to monetise their products and services within a secure, distinct ecosystem which caters to everyone.

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